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All about Sleep

‘Sleep on time’ is always been the most repetitive phrase that we all listened to in our school days by our elders and parents.

They used to tell us the benefits of sleep. At school we used to learn the proverb: ‘early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. This proverb stands true even today.

Though the overall situation of the world has altered in terms of work, eating habits, socializing, and going to bed on time.

The emergence of work from home philosophy has made many people routine-less as previously.

They sleep when their work is done, or sometimes they do not sleep at night but sleep during the day. So, it has become a very relative way of looking at this old proverb in this world of today..

Scientists and sleep researchers advocate the peaceful night of sleep. They tell numerous health benefits of sleep on time even in this chaotic world of smartphones and Netflix addiction.

Research shows that sleep on time during night can actually give you many benefits, among one of them is the increase levels of energy and alertness to carry out our daily routine.

Sleep satisfaction is also important along with the quality of sleep.

It also boosts your energy levels after waking up. Improved sleep satisfaction can make people feel more revitalized.

What is Sleep Satisfaction?

Sleep satisfaction is an individual’s assessment of how contented a person feels with his or her sleep.

This includes many factors like the environment of the bedroom, such as light, noise, and temperature.

It is often used along with sleep quantity (the number of hours slept) and sleep quality (the ability of sleep) to assess your overall state of sleep.

When satisfaction, quality, or quantity improves, energy levels can improve as well. Therefore, these three factors are of great importance in enhancing overall sleep experience to boost energy levels during day.

Sleep restores energy and helps regulate body functions

Another benefit of sleep is that it has the power to restore energy levels in the body.

During high-quality and high-impact sleep, your body naturally restores many functions it needs to use during daily life, such as temperature regulation, a strong immune system, balanced hormone levels, and good appetite for healthy mind and body.

A good quality of sleep can even help in shedding off extra fats in long run.

All of these aspects play a role in measuring how much energy you have.

To function at your ultimate potential, you need to uphold these functions through quality sleep.

Sleep satisfaction matters

If you feel good after a night’s sleep then it would naturally induce positive emotions in your body.

It can elevate your mood and your outlook towards life in general.

Sleep satisfaction leads to feelings of greater energy.

On the other hand, the ailment of depression is usually connected with the feelings of tiredness.

Though, sleep satisfaction is a subjective and varies from person to person, and it has subjective assessment, the results and positive impact you get from your sleep could have measurable results on your well-being.

How to Boost Sleep Satisfaction

If you find yourself feeling less than satisfied with your sleep, there are measures you can take to improve your sleep experience.

Fresh bedding, low noise levels, and cool temperatures in your bedroom all contribute to a more satisfying sleep experience.

By taking steps to increase your sleep satisfaction, you can wake up feeling refreshed with consistently high energy levels throughout the day.

Control Sleep Stress Levels

The main issue that comes with poor night’s sleep is stress.

Stress-induced insomnia makes you feel out of energy and out of motivation too.

Therefore, it is very important to learn how to control stress in your life.

Try to do exercise

Try doing sleep enhancing exercises that are easily available online which you can do it at home. 

There are many variations of yoga that also help in getting good night’s sleep.

Quit smoking

If you smoke a lot then you need to re-think about your this habit and try to quit your smoking.

Or you can cut-off excessive smoking and try indulging in activities that are healthy and positive like reading a book, gardening or doing volunteer work.

Walking is the best medicine

If you are not fond of doing exercise at home then you can go for a walk during evening or in the morning.

Walking is the best medicine. It cures all the health problems including depression, high blood pressure and insomnia.

Eat for living

Try to eat food in moderate quantities. Do not do emotional eating or overeating if you want to have sound sleep at night.

Make a list for a day’s task to lower your load of mind

Try to do things step by step. Do not scatter too many projects at one time.

Take things slow. And every morning after breakfast make a list of things you want to finish today and stick to your plan.

At night refresh your mind that all work is done and then sleep.

Summing Up

Everyone says health is real wealth. And strangely, good sleep contributes a lot to maintain a good healthy mind and body.

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