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Bone Health in older people

About Your Bone Health in Years

Bone health matters when you grow in years.

When we are young, we have all the vitality and vigor to walk, run, jump and do errands that require lot of bone and muscle strength.

But as we age, or when we see our parents age, their bond strength decreases.

They cannot walk rapidly or carry out activities that require moving knees and legs rapidly or simultaneously.

What is happening to their bodies? Their bones and muscles are getting old and they require a lot of care, support as well as treatment to function their bodies normally.

Bone health in older people

Old people are as cute as little babies but their health problems are much bigger than one can imagine.

They start to forget quite often, they do not understand simple conversations, similarly, they cannot walk or run like a young person.

They start complaining of knee, joint or neck pain when they keep walking for a long period of time, or at the mall when they walk to get their groceries.

Old people are losing power of bones silently.

Their bone health is getting old too. There are many reasons for weak bones in old age.

One reason is the natural process of aging

The process of aging causes bones to lose their mass, and they start becoming thin, this process is called thinning of bones.

It results in many bone ailments called osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and many more.

These conditions are more common in women than in men as they tend to lose more calcium during the process of pregnancy and child birth at young age.

Some bone conditions like knee or joint pain are common in both older men and women.


The second common reason is malnutrition which is one of the major reasons in malnutrition in old people.

Many old people already have multiple health issues like diabetes, high levels of cholesterol, and high blood pressure that they cannot eat many of those foods that help strengthen the bones.

It results in weakening of bones when their diet is deficit of proteins, calcium, vitamin D and vitamins.

Therefore, malnutrition is the reason for weak bones in old age.

Bone healthy diet

Older people need not only love and care but also balanced diet that is composed of calcium, proteins, and vitamin D as well as legumes and vegetables like broccoli.

If old people have digestive health-issues they can take calcium and vitamin D supplements to meet the daily requirement of calcium and vitamin D daily.

For strong muscles, older people should eat proteins in the form of fish, chicken or lean beef once or twice a week to restore muscle strength.

But they always ask for advice from their professional health care provider for adding or reducing any component in their diets.


At an old age, hard-core exercises are not a good idea to do, but they can do mild form of exercises, or yoga stretches to keep the bones in moving condition and to build inner strength.

Daily mild kind of exercise shows improvement in bone health of older people.

However, always keep in mind that if any pain feels while doing exercise, older people should immediately stop the exercise and ask their doctor for advice.

Sometimes, ligaments get hurt and they start getting inflamed and pain is the main indicator of this problem.


Age-related bone injuries, or fractures usually happen due to severe deficiency of calcium and vitamin D.

Therefore, doctors need to perform surgery to heal the broken bone.


Sometimes, knee transplant is also required if knees stop moving altogether making person handicap due to unable to walk.

This process also involves surgery. Some non-surgical procedures are also being used now in the form of injections and medicines which can be used by older people if their symptoms are mild or manageable.


For chronic back pain, physiotherapy gives pain relief through different kinds of exercises and also help the patient to learn to cope with the back pain.

In Chinese medicine, acupuncture is used to treat back, knee and joint pains by injecting micro-size needles on the affected areas.

Many patients find this method useful in relieving pain that was persistent.

Yoga is also beneficial in chronic back and neck pains

Yoga has numerous life-changing benefits even for the older people.

They can do yoga to keep their bones intact and powerful. They can also use stretching techniques of yoga to get rid of long-lasting back, leg and neck pains.

Stretching not only helps in maintaining healthy bones and muscles but also helps in releasing stress from muscles.

Treatment from medicines

When nothing works, and patient is losing bone health then it is advisable to seek medical help promptly.

Orthopedics decide which treatment method would be best for the patient.

They add supplements in the diet and also pain-relieving medicines to help the patient manage things in a normal way as much as possible.

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