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Let’s Talk About A New Word In Town ‘Covidiot’

Will you believe this or not but coronavirus has made its way in our diction and dictionary. It has added a new addition of words related to COVID-19 vocabulary.

Some people will still not believe it and think that how is it possible?

Well, this is possible when we are so much engrossed in listening, speaking, watching, and thinking about the pandemic all the time.

This one word that is now part of our diction is none other than ‘covidiot’.

This is not a new symptom but it is a new behavioral disorder related to coronavirus.

But what exactly is a covidiot?

According to Macmillan Dictionary ‘covidiot’ is not used in positive connotations.

Rather it is used in an insulting way for someone who entirely or partially ignores health care advice regarding Covid-19.

 In addition, Urban Dictionary also takes a similar approach, defining ‘covidiot’ as ‘someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety.

A person who hoards goods, denying them from their neighbors.’ It means the person exhibits mean and nasty behavior towards others and do not want to follow any rules whatsoever.

Fundamentally, a person who behaves like a ‘covidiot’ have this notion of not taking Coronavirus, and its health-related risks seriously. This person is stubborn and wants to do things in his own way.

They will engage in risk-taking activities and they do not consider other’s life at danger but they will keep showing mean and selfish behavior.

They will not help or take part in safety adopting activities in their communities rather they will like to spread the disease.

Who is a true covidiot?

The term has been used widely on Twitter and other social media platforms to tell people of how ruthless and insensitive is the behavior of covidiots in the age of pandemic.

They are so skeptic about the presence of coronavirus and its reality in the lives of those who are suffering and losing lives.

Instead of this, they take things in a casual way as nothing has happened and things are the same as before.

They are blown away with anger when asked to wear masks for their safety as well as for the sake of others.

Why they are considered true ‘covidiots’ because they think coronavirus is just like the ordinary flu and nothing else.

Even the most influential personalities in politics have been denying its real hostilities and referring to it as the flu.

This kind of behavioral flaw has put greater risk on the lives of those people who are taking precautions and social distancing very seriously.

These people declare they have the right to meet people and live their life with freedom. They buy masks and hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes but they do not follow social distancing and keep meeting people like before.

What is the reason of this rebellious behavior?

It is because when coronavirus was declared as deadly as anything else in the world, and it was a looming danger on everyone in the world. These people took it seriously and stayed at home like others with huge bottles of hand sanitizers beside them and followed some sort of social distancing but within a few weeks, they were as same as before the pandemic.

According to, New Hampshire-based psychologist, John Mayer, PhD, author of Family Fit: Find Your Balance in Life, these people are in a state of denial.

They are not accepting the new version of reality with wearing masks and keep social distance and all.

Game of mind with covidiots 

Covidiots on a conscious level are neglecting the presence of coronavirus but on the sub-conscious level, they are apprehensive and fearful too.

They know the whole world is under its evil but they have that attitude of not accepting it and dealing with it.

Some segments of society are now behaving like pseudo-bohemians by not wearing masks and following government rules for COVID-19 safety.

Dr. Watkins suggests that some people are just behaving in a rebellious way because they do not like rules and do not like to follow societal norms.

 Some people have started politicizing the issue of COVID-19 by saying it is not our problem but it is the government’s responsibility to provide us safety.

They are declaring war with their fellows and not with the virus itself.

What can be done?

Simply, it is done in a polite way. Dealing with a covidiot does not mean that you are in war with them.

You have to be little tricky with them and tell them in light way to be more considerate for others by wearing a mask.

You can start an awareness group in your community to invite people and tell them about the benefits of wearing masks.

You can give them cool looking and colorful masks to wear. You can arrange a competition among mask wearing people and give them some sort of prize to encourage their behavior.

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