Digital Marketing and Publishing Services

No Business Can Thrive
Without Digital Marketing and publishing services

Digital Marketing and Publishing Services

IdeasBeat provides digital marketing and publishing services to big, medium, and small businesses.

Since the dawn of internet in early 1990s, it has become the need of every business, big, medium or small to come on the web and make its presence felt by others.

Those who fail to embrace the new age are often left behind in today's competitive world.

We all have understood that Internet is here to stay. It is no fad or fashion which will fade out. Everyday, internet is becoming more powerful.

It is on us and the businesses how we harness this power to our own advantage.

Benefits - Digital Marketing & Publishing Services

Benefits of digital marketing

There are many benefits if any business plans to adopt the digital marketing and publishing services in the right manner.


  • As compared to the conventional marketing and advertising in local newspapers, TV channels and billboards, digital marketing provides you with very affordable options at about 1/10th of your conventional marketing budgets.

Prospects & Customers are Online 

  • Most of the prospects and customers are now hooked to online media. Either they browse everything on their smart phones or on their laptops.

It is fast to get on the web

  • It is easy and fast to get on the web, to create your website, and social media accounts.

Targeted Reach

  • Digital media provides you the power to target your customers with a laser focus, where they are, at what ages, gender and hobbies. You cannot find such level of targeting in your conventional marketing.


  • After you have done your digital marketing, you can see all of your analytics in one dashboard about who saw your messages from which location and how they have reacted. You also cannot find this in your conventional marketing.

Online Branding

Online Branding

If you are doing any business and you do not have a website, nor have  a Facebook page, you may not be trusted in present times by your customers.

It is much important in the present modern times that to enhance the image of your brand you need to create your online brand image with continuous feed and hooks, so that you should always stay in the minds of your customers.

Online Branding Dynamics

The online world functions differently than the offline world. It is not a one time effort. It requires consistent nourishing and feeding to build your online brand. 

Once you make your website, you cannot leave it alone for the next 3 months or 6 months. It will loose all its traction in the online world. Similar is the case with the social media accounts. These need consistent attention and feed.

It is just like growing a tree. Every day you have to water it.

But once you learn to do it right, the rewards are many with some of the sweetest fruits.

Differentiation Factor

IdeasBeat will try to do things differently. And that difference is to offer simplicity with results.

Flashy things and optics may matter to some extent, but what matters most is the real substance and results.

We believe in empowering you to do it right. It is your business and it is going to be your digital assets for a lifetime. You need to take this ownership right from the start that is one of the key ingredients of digital success.

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