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Keeping a healthy heart

Keeping A Healthy Heart

Healthy heart is the key to overall success. Heart is the center of our body, just like an engine is a driving force of a car. 

I admire people who take care of their heart because they are empathetic people, who try not to play with hearts and keep people in their safe zones emotionally, mentally and physically.

I am trying to make a point here by telling you that healthy heart also needs healthy emotions of love, happiness, companionship and appreciation.

Constant rejections can also put your heart in a debilitating position.

It will start generating such hormones that can weak your heart, or make your heartbeat racing like an untamed horse.

Healthy Heart needs oxygen, proper rest and some steps to keep it healthy.

And of course, healthy and supportive comments from people around you.  Otherwise, people get Broken Heart syndrome frequently.

During Covid-19, many people all over the world have faced weak heart problems.

It means their heart was working fine before the lockdown, and during this crisis time, it started to sink and resulted ending up in an emergency room.

Heart diseases is the major cause of death in both the genders.

Therefore, it is pertinent to take care of your heart in an ample way to make it healthy heart. It can be done through changing life patterns: from sedentary to active.

Eating habits modifications

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Eating vegetables and fruits on daily basis keeps your heart healthy.

Avoid eating junk food or too much salty food, as it can make your blood pressure high and also risks your body to be an obese which is also a major factor in getting heart disease.

Get Moving

Even at home, do not jeopardize your movement.

Try to do little chores on your own, and make a routine for morning or evening walk in your neighborhood.

If you like to work out at home there are thousands of paid and unpaid YouTube workout videos which will help you in staying fit and keeping your BMI within its normal range.

Keep check on your cholesterol levels and your BP

To keep a healthy heart, and strong, you need to keep an eye on your cholesterol levels, it can be done by a simple laboratory test.

You can also consult your doctor about managing your cholesterol levels.

In similar fashion, you need to maintain healthy blood pressure for your better health.

Say bye to your smoking habits

Habitual smokers are in danger of getting a heart disease in their life.

It is also backed with scientific research that smoking causes heart, lungs and liver problems if not taken prompt action to quit it. So, take action now!

Manage your stress levels

We are not given superpowers of Spider Man or Iron Man to manage multiple challenges at one time.

We are humans, we have emotions. We need to breathe and manage our feelings and stress in a way that they do not compromise our health especially heart.

As I said earlier, we need to be more vigilant to handle our stress in the situation of global lockdown.

You need to see what works best for you. Like you like to do meditation, or you like to do robust workout to shed your stress hormones.

It all depends on your personal inclination.

Who is at risk of heart disease?

If you have a family history of heart disease let’s say your mom or sister or your dad and brother then chances are that you will likely to have heart problem in your life.

If you are older than 45 then you need to get regular medical check-ups to make sure your heart is working fine.

Women at the age of 55 also need to be alert about health of her heart.

You can control this to happen if you modify and revamp your lifestyle and take good care of your heart to make it healthy heart.

When to call an ambulance

If you are feeling tired and having trouble breathing while sitting or lying down then there might be a chance of some heart disease.

You can get heavy sweating by doing minor work, and using stairs make you feel so exhausted, you get pain in your stomach that was not there before, then there is a chance that you might encounter a heart attack.

To avoid this tragic situation, you need to consult your doctor right away if breathlessness occurs more than a week. 

These are just warning signs from our body that it needs to be rested and looked after.

If you ignore these signs, you might have a heart attack. And the only option you will have to call an ambulance to go to hospital.

That is very painful for you and your loved ones.

So it is better to avoid this situation, and take precautionary measures like checking your BP regularly, cutting off too much sodium and sugar from your diet, manage stress, and keep moving your body would save you from this deadly disease.

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