Managing Postpartum Depression In Women

You Can Manage PPD!

Feeling Postpartum Depression

What Is Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum Depression (PPD) is now a formal term to describe the feelings of gloom and doom leading to depression. 

Becoming a mother brings best feelings in a woman. Apart from being feeling blessed there are myriad of emotions that arise within a woman after delivering a baby.

They range from sadness, fear and anger to mood swings and sometimes severe emotions become depression for the new mom.

People around new mom and baby focus more on baby and often ignore the mother in distress.

This time is very crucial for all the family to take good care of the new baby and her mother also.

Many women feel they are more sad than happy after the childbirth which is quite normal as there are hormonal changes occurring in the body, but if these feelings persist then it might sound like that new mom is suffering from post-partum depression.

The treatment of PPD is not in the hands of a new mom. It can be dealt with a prescription of a doctor that can assess and evaluate the symptoms of PPD in a woman and then will suggest possible treatment that is usually in the form of medicines.

Partner needs to learn about the Postpartum Depression

Many husbands are not aware of Postpartum Depression (PPD) that their wives experience after the child-birth.

They often do not understand the reason of their wives’ crying and irritability.

They start distancing themselves from their wives and try not to listen to their inner voice.

This is not a good idea to ignore this issue. Being at home, husbands can easily manage their new born baby and also deal with the depressive mood of their wives.

There are many ways to deal with Postpartum Depression At home

Walk when there is a time

When you feel like going out then do not go on a car but take time to walk a few steps, or you can put baby in stroller and then go for a walk.

There is a study published by Australian researchers that state that walking with baby in a stroller is beneficial for Postpartum Depression (PPD) moms in combating depression as it works as an antidepressant on the mind of a new mom.

Take healthy diet

Try to cook healthy meals before delivery if possible, but if you have no help from parents or in-laws then it is always good to eat fresh fruits, nuts and milk after delivery.

Try to avoid junk foods or foods like pizza or burgers because they can bloat you or can make you feel irritable as you are spending most of your time in bed so try to eat light.

You can put peanut butter, whole wheat bread slices and nuts on side table and you can eat it whenever you feel like.

If you feel better then you can make granola bars at home and fill the jar. Also try eating apples and carrots help to manage your Post Partum Depression.

Take rest

It is rooted in science that sleep when your baby sleeps.

This is an outdated suggestion by our mothers that you should sleep when your baby is sleeping during day, afternoon or at night.

But some new moms do not like this idea. They try to finish their work and as a result they get less sleep in 24 hours.

This old suggestion has some scientific background that those mothers who sleep when their babies are sleeping get better sleep as compare to those mothers who do not sleep. 

Mothers with less sleep has even shown more symptoms of Postpartum Depression than others.

Therefore, whenever your baby sleep you also try to take some rest. Do not do any chores when your kid is sleeping but you can also take rest when your baby is sleeping.

Make time for yourself

Try to create some space for yourself when you have done rest and have some time for yourself available.

You can do some painting if you find it tiring then reading a book would be a good idea too.

But find some space where you have time with yourself.

And you can unwind your tangles thoughts about your depressive mood or try to elevate your mood by listening to some soul-nurturing music which will help to reduce your Postpartum Depression (PPD)

Try to share your thoughts with friends and family members

The biggest mistake that new moms usually do is that they do not share their feelings, thoughts and apprehensions with anyone else.

They keep these piled up thoughts with themselves. as a result, their mind stops sending them any positive feeling from their surroundings and they end up crying or dejected.

Therefore, it is advisable to discuss your problems and worries with your husband and also with other moms who have gone through this phase of life.

Sharing your feelings with experienced moms will help you in getting to know about your feelings and how to cope with them.

Moreover, science says that when we share our feelings of sadness, our mind diverts negative feelings and try to create positive feelings. And it will also help you eliminate your Post Partum Depression.

Things, issues, and ailments can be managed well if we face them, confront them, and find a way to resolve and cure them.

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