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How To Save Your Relationship Health From Falling Apart

Relationship health issues emerged more during Corona. The pandemic has badly affected not only health and economy but also marriages and relationships.

Corona has ended many long as well as short term relationships.

Many researchers and marriage counselors have become torch-bearers and showing couples in crisis light in a tunnel.

Future of long-distance relationships

Due to lockdown and shut down of flights the future of long-distance relationships also sounds grim.

Long-distance relationships have had a bad ending due to shut down of local and global flights and couples wanted to keep it that way; stay-at-home and protect themselves from Covid-19.

But there is no doubt, it disturbed their feelings and mental stability, staying alone and in social isolation has had its devastating effects on people adversely affecting their relationship health.

Many couples find it difficult to live with their spouse in tight apartments and to tolerate their nasty habits.

That was the time of revelation for them that their marriage cannot work the same way it used to work as pandemic has taken our lives, and literally minds of the people.

Infidelity in marriages

Many couples have faced heartbreak due to their partners cheating on them which their spouses got to know during the lockdown.

This reason proves havoc in their relationship and ended either in separation or divorce.

Financial constraints pulling them apart

Rigidity in relationships often comes with an economic crisis also.

In normal circumstances losing a job would be so upsetting that there will be loads of responsibility coming on one spouse but in lockdown when things have already shrunk how would one person can cope with it?

Many companies in Pakistan and all around the world have stopped their operations and downsized their number of employees.

This upheaval in the economic health of the entire globe has made everyone wonder what bad would happen next when at one point there is life-threatening pandemic and at one point there is no income for survival.

Taking vows during lockdown

There are many couples who planned grand wedding but ended up taking vows in quarantine without the presence of their loved ones and parents at the ceremony.

But the good part is that they decided to take their relationship health to the next level irrespective of the pandemic.

make a ritual at your home

One of the conclusions is that when you and your partner diagnose that you are architects of your own relationship, its micro-culture or mini-culture that you create in your home to keep your relationship health alive and workable in such a time of quarantine is very helpful.

This mini-culture approach will help you and your partner more likely to choose, build and sustain the relationship health.

It is very important to know what exactly is a ritual connection?

What is a ritual of connection?

According to researchers like William Doherty, therapist, professor, and author of The Intentional Family, a ritual of connection in any way that you and your partner frequently come near to each other.

This ritual connection would be of any kind: emotional, physical, spiritual, social or any other kind. It all depends upon the spouses to decide what makes them comfortable to be their each other’s presence and makes close to one another.

Some emotional and mentally harmonized couples do it in a way that they do not call it a ritual. It has somehow a ritual in their sub-conscious mind which they are doing it over many years.

This had become their second nature. But for some couples who are struggling to find their grounding in their relationship needs to do it in a mindful way to make it a habit and tuning into second nature.

This ritual connection is based on the uniqueness of each couple relationship that one cannot identify or come to realize what actually is happening.

But ritual of connection would be spending time in the evening over a cup of tea. It could be brief but consistent.

It could be early morning greeting or a goodnight kiss. This ritual can be as small a thing or as big an elephant.

It is you and your partner who can decide what would work best for them. 

The best part of the ritual connection would be that is should have secret codes that you and your partner only know.

It should be your own sweet language that can only be understood by your partner.

The most common kind of ritual connection would be calling your partner from a nickname for asking something or telling something in secrecy

Keeping privacy zones intact in quarantine would also help couples not to reach to the boiling point.

There would be a secret sign that you and your partner would know which indicates that ‘me-time’ of your spouse has started.

It should be respected, and when your husband’s me-time starts with a special hint, a wife should always respect it.

In this way, many couples would be able to spend quarantine together without splitting apart as well improving their relationship health. And such gestures of care can even continue after the corona.

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