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Improving Spine Health

Spine Health is one of the most important health areas.

Our spine is the foundation of our whole body. It is a structure which gives us balance, stability and ability to perform our daily tasks and activities.

Without a strong spine we cannot carry out our normal functions.

Long sitting hours at office in front of screen can make your back feel awful at the end of the day.

When you come home you feel tired and having backache.

In order to deal with this irritating back pain, you need to think about changing your routine while at office.

You cannot keep sitting all the time. You need to do some stretching when you are working in the office. You can do it during tea or lunch break.

You can go for a walk for few minutes to keep your body moving.

A strong core or abdomen can alleviate your spine to help keep your lower back healthy.

With the passage of time, the muscles and ligaments surrounding your spine can deteriorate with age or from an injury while lifting a heavy object or falling down on the hard surface.

Old age makes bones and muscles weak

When muscles and ligaments start getting old, they become stiff and movements like twisting, lifting, stretching, and bending become difficult.

People suffering from back pain usually fear movement. It results in making their back even more stiff and they experience more pain than ever.

On the other hand, strong and stable spine is more flexible, so it can support a full range of natural movements.

And healthier movements reduce pressure on the low back and lower the risk of pain and injury.

There are five ways to help your spine stable and strong for better spine health

1 - Let your spine rest during sleeping

During sleeping it is very important to take good care of your spine health.

If you are having an undiagnosed back pain then it might be adding stress to your daily life along with work and family responsibilities.

To make your back relax at night, spine-friendly mattress and pillow should be used while you doze off at night.

If you are using very hard bed for sleeping it can also cause back muscles to stiff and more painful when you will wake up in the morning.

There are many brands which are making medicated mattress for spine health. You can always check one online.

2 - Exercise your core to strengthen abs and muscles

Exercise is the answer to all the problems related to spine health.

It is vital to make a routine of daily exercise for whole body workout.

If you are struggling with spine pain and want to ease it then you should do such exercises that strengthen your core and ab muscles.

Many women experience severe back pain due to lose and weak abdominal muscles after child-birth.

Therefore, doing exercise after 4 weeks of post-baby can help many women to avoid chronic backpain ailment.

There are many online videos for improving spine health for both old women, men and pregnant women.

You can learn these exercises at home. Moreover, there are many yoga moves which are quite beneficial for improving spine muscles.

3 - Keep spine friendly good posture

Working all day and sitting at front of laptop can make your entire body stiff.

Your posture becomes lazy and your spine is bent and not in upright position because your body is tired.

Stretching at workplace is very important. It not only restores your energy levels but also maintains good posture and helps in reducing spine pain during night.

4 - Wear comfortable shoes for back and spine health and support

Buying spine-friendly shoes or joggers is a must-follow tip for all those who are not having any back pain.

The reason behind is that sturdy and comfortable shoes not only help you in walking but also support your spine and legs from getting fatigued or tired.

Always go for those shoes which are neither too tight nor too loose but it gives comfy feeling to your foot and you can walk without any hindrance.

5 - Get Massage once a week to relax back muscles

A good massage has numerous benefits on back and core muscles.

The back massage helps in increasing blood flow to the spinal cord. The back massage loosens tight and connective tissues.

It also enhances the feelings of relaxation and stress-free environment has soothing effect on mind and body and on our spine health.

Massage therapists recommend having moderate levels of massage rather a light-touch massage of the back muscles for increases blood circulation.

If you cannot go to a massage therapist to get benefits of Shiatsu and Swedish massage, you can get a massage chair at home to get massage whenever you feel your back muscles are stiff and painful.

If you find your pain is persistent and it is not going away from any exercise then it is time to consult a professional to address your spine health issues.

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